Seunghyun was great until he just could not take no for an answer. Was that really part of the story or did something happen to the actor and they had to write it in as a toothache? Undoubtedly, you two as a couple is one of the BEST couple kdrama has ever produced. I missed that unfortunate haircut, but more importantly, the insecure but lovable dork underneath it. It was even my mom’s first kdrama and she loved it so much. You can see him covering a bandage with his hand.

Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: The part about the vomit: And I don’t remember the name if it’s a boy. She can remain at DonTalk and be the snake that she has always been, working for Crazy Lady. Yet, it worked spectacularly for me and I can think of two reasons for it. Master sun was ine of the best too That’s a nice interpretation of that scene. They kiss joyfully in the yard, and we see a montage of the highs and lows of their second courtship.

Sly and Single Again Devious Divorcee. She only treats you like a little brother then you have to betrayed your own hyung just because the girl didn’t choose you.

Cunning Single Lady – Wikipedia

Especially when he smiled? Redge April 27, at I know they want to give us the happy ending but they could tied the smaller loose ends earlier. I think the drama perfectly potrayed that when you actually married for love and just bc you didnt get any kids out of that marriage, it doesnt mean all ties are so easily cut; wherein being widowed isnt just as easy as being single again.


So romantic, cute, and make me feel giddish. Dissenter April 28, at 2: I know that its not always like this, but in rom-com is very common. The noble idiot thwarted was by far one of the best things I’ve watched in dramas recently. I really hope he does more rom coms in the future. Yoo Sung-eun and GilguBongu. Jen April 29, at 1: Later, Jung-woo visits President Kook in the hospital. But now we know, it was not so, they met first: Warning overly long post ahead.

Whether hilarious or heartbreaking, I fully believed in these two, and I enjoyed being a part of their cubning to reconciliation. I wonder what was wrong with Lee MJ’s stylist.

Family’s Honor 1-54

KDaddict April 27, at And that new JW venture is successful this time, of course. Jung Woo flashed Ae Ra! Angkeumhan Dolsingnyeo ; lit. Thanks for the brilliant recaps! She calls out to Jung-woo and he adorably tries to run away, cowering when she blocks his escape. I had so much hope for her, but alas it wasn’t meant to be.

First off, I just have to say that I was truly ecstatic episode 15 was for the most part, all about our OTP. I loved when she said she was going to leave because she couldn’t stare at him because sinopais time she tried he was staring at her. I dont know if the writer intended this but the name of the drama worked really well for me.

Purplecow, See you again soon. I don’t think there was a point.

Drama viewership ratings for the week of Feb. Its true that it took me 6 or 7 episodes to love Jung-woo, but when Dork Jung-woo returned with all his glory, I was dying of the overload of cuteness. Rpisode night, Ae-ra considers a number of messages to send to Jung-woo, all of which express encouragement or concern. That’s what I think too.


TNmS Ratings in Korean. I found the editing and background music to be a little off siingle the last two episodes. I think it took her a few days to find him.

Thanks for the recaps and good job. On a side note, this drama totally made me fall in love with JSW!

Sly and Single Again: Episode 15 ยป Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

Many thanks for the great job on the recaps! Yes, she really did. Lee Min Jung definitely had a stand out performance and a big improvement over the last drama I watcher her in-Big.

Haven’t felt this way for a drama in so long because nothing feels like too much bull. What was the purpose of the Team Leader’s toothache that he made such a big deal about? But Ae-ra says she needs one more date with him so she can live off of a final happy memory of the two of them together. She has her chin held high, but she can also admit and rectify her mistakes.

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